The first real steps...

Roger The Field Ranger..yes, that really is his name... was delighted to see what was being supplied to the men at grass roots level, to face the poachers. What an incredible experience to see all the equipment laid out to be distributed to the various sections of the Kruger National Park... 400 x tents, 400 x rucksacks, 400 x first aid kits, 400 x headlights, 400 x rainjackets... you get the jist of this.

The SANParks Honorary Rangers (all volunteers) did an amazing job in determining what was on the wish list for the Rangers, acquiring the kit at the best price and of a reasonable quality, since the kit is really going to be used under

extreme conditions. The logistics of getting the equipment to the distribution point, dividing it up as needed and making sure numbers tallied, was akin to a military operation. Well done to these terrific men. Words cannot describe the scene as the various Section Rangers drove up in their vehicles and they and their teams started loading the mountain of equipment into the vehicles.

What made this even more special is that there were hints that this equipment would be put to the test the very next day. How rewarding to know that the funds allocated have reached the target of their intention so speedily. This is what makes this project unique. Within 65 days of the inception of the trust fund by Unitrans VW& Audi, they have already made a difference. I asked Kevin Gillmer if he was proud of what was achieved in Phalaborwa on 3rd November... He simply nodded and stated bluntly..THIS is what I wanted to see, THIS is what it is all about!

A powerful project indeed and this is just the beginning.

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Proud winner of the

2013 SANParks Kudu Award

Proud winner of the 2013

GRAA Rhino Conservation Award



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