Equipping our warriors...

Imagine walking through the bush on a blistering summer's day... sounds idyllic to some...

Now lets keep walking all day, expecting behind any shrub a poacher waiting to attack our precious rhino. Their aim is to incapacitate the rhino as quickly as possible by whatever means and to hack out the horn. A SANParks Field Ranger is simply a barrier to navigate and if necessary eliminate in the quest to extract the precious rhino horn.

Suddenly the bush does not sound quite as idyllic, the heat not so appealing, security seems far away and home comforts are sadly lacking...

Basic equipment to allow these heroes for the cause to continue the fight to save the rhino seems so little to ask, but funding is not always easy to aquire and ther are many hands outstretched in our country for Government funding.

How exciting then is the upcoming handover of R1.7 million worth of equipment to the field rangers? Funds provided by the UNITE against Poaching initiative of Unitrans VW and Audi, based on the sales of vehicles within the particiapting dealerships and administred by the Honorary Rangers.

On 3rd November in Phalaborwa this becomes a reality. We are not talking high tech equipment or luxuries, we are talking about some basic essentials to survive in the bush, basics like water bottles, tents, ground sheets, camping mattresses, rucksacks, field cooking sets, head lamps, rain suits and first aid kits as well as some camouflage equipment.

This equipment will enable the men on the ground to survive out there and at least offer them some basic shelter from the elements while they fight for the cause on our behalf.

It is so exciting to know that this initiative started on 1st September 2011 is already effective and that no time has been wasted in making a difference!!!

Looking forward to seeing 2 tonnes of equipment being handed over to the various rangers!!!

Get your sticker at any participating unitrans dealer!


Proud winner of the

2013 SANParks Kudu Award

Proud winner of the 2013

GRAA Rhino Conservation Award



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