Maj Gen Jooste to move to SANParks Head Office

In December 2012 SANParks Management decided to form the Special Projects Department in an effort to implement mitigation measures to deal with the severe increase in Wildlife Crime and in particular rhino poaching in the Kruger National Park. Major General Johan Jooste (Ret)  was employed to head up the Department. His brief was to review current anti-poaching strategies and put in place para-military strategies, structures and systems that would enable SANParks to  respond to the increasing threat and change in tactics. Part of the process was the formulation of strategies and structures to support and coordinate the efforts and actions of both Rangers and other law enforcement agencies on the ground. It was clear from the outset that counter-poaching measures conducted within the boundaries of the National Parks alone would not be sufficient, and the term’ “clearing the Park from the outside” was coined.

Now that these above mentioned strategies and systems have been put in place within the Kruger National Park, Management have made the decision to move Maj General Jooste to Head Office. His focus will be to work closely with the relevant law enforcement structures in an effort to provide coordination to the initiative to “Clear the Park from the outside”.  Maj General Jooste will remain the Head of Special Projects and a Chief Ranger will be appointed to ensure continued leadership to the operational forces. The move of Maj General Jooste to Head Office will take place once the appointment of the abovementioned Chief Ranger has been finalised.

Unite against Poaching wish him great success as he continues this war against poaching!

Maj Gen (Retired) Johan Jooste

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Proud winner of the

2013 SANParks Kudu Award

Proud winner of the 2013

GRAA Rhino Conservation Award



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