Floods and the Rhino Poachers

What power water has!!! I have been rivited by the power and destruction of the floods in the Kruger Park in the last 2 days. One cannot but be in awe at those raging torrents and the way it simply finds the shortest path through an obstruction. It does though seem that all the parks in the area have managed to sort out the humans and that there fortunately does not appear to be any loss of life.

What about the animals? One shudders to think what these raging waters have done to the animals. It is always said that animals have an instinct where they seem to know what is coming and mostly manage to get out of the way of these disasters, but there is no doubt there will be many animals that will have suffered with all these rivers in flood.

What about our precious rhinos? I have never seen a picture anywhere of a Southern African rhino swimming. They do seem to love wallowing in the water and certainly they will have much to celebrate when the waters abate and the vaste amount of mud bathing will become available. Such fun for them in the near future.

Most significant is that the POACHERS will also be hampered by the torrential downpours and hopefully have all scurried back to their hovels and will wait for less inclement weather before emerging.

A delightful analogy was drawn recently which I enjoyed... God sent the rains to clear the earth of the evil during the time of Noah, He has now sent the rain to clear the Lowveld of all the evil poachers.

A small respite from the poachers for our rhino during the downpours and lots of lovely mud to splash around in in the next little while. They sure deserve some happiness after the devastating start to 2012.

This incredible picture  of a rhino splashing in the mud is the property of Chad Cocking of Motswari Gaame Reserve!

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