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Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) supporting anti-rhino poaching

As per the FIC statement on 22 September 2011, where they are " committed to supporting the efforts of law enforcement authorities in identifying, investigating and prosecuting those involved in the illegal poaching and hunting of rhinos.

The FIC has a mandate to identify the proceeds of acts of crime, money laundering and financing of terrorism and where necessary, to share relevant information with the law enforcement agencies and the South African Revenue Services".

I applaud the FIC for making this statement and for reminding financial institutions that poachers should not be able to use the financial institutions to keep their blood money.

Would it not be an amazing gesture if the Banks were able to prevent poachers for accessing their ill gotten gains...?

As much as terrorism is a reason for financial institutions not to take on clients, poaching should be viewed in the same light....

Perhaps there could be a black list of internationally identified poachers with whom countries and financial organisations would be encouraged to avoid doing business with...

According to the FIC regulations all business in SA has the legal responsibility to report to the FIC any transaction they believe to have involved wrong doing. This could also now be viewed as a social responsibility.

I look forward to the day when poachers are unable to gain access to their money and poaching would no longer be a financial advantage...

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