St Stithians Gr 2W pick up for rhinos

What an creative way to enrich the learning process for our youth...

Unite against Poaching recently did a talk to the Foundation phase of St Stithians School in Johannesburg about the war against Rhino poaching.

It was a perfect opportunity to impress these young people that the rhinos belong to them as well and that they could also help in the fight to save our rhinos. Grade 2W's teacher took this a step further and the result is a wonderful donation in support of the fund. 

A " fines" system was initiated, so that each time something was left around to be tidied up, or if Mrs Woods had to pick up someone's belongings, they paid a fine towards the rhino fund. The total collected has resulted in a whopping R 450 being donated to Unite against Poaching.

Well done all of you on a positive way to learn as well as making a difference to our rhinos.

 THANK YOU GRADE 2W for helping to save our rhinos !!!



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