Rhino poaching going to the dogs

Rhino poaching is going to the dogs!!!
We are so thrilled with the effectiveness of the Unitrans Tracker hounds. Yesterday the hounds struck again and were pivotal in the neutralising of 3 poachers and the recovery of their rifle.

What makes these tracker hounds so special, apart from being beautiful foxhounds, is that they are the only tracker dogs that are able to track off lead. The hounds are fitted with GPS collars and the rangers are able to follow them by helicopter. This enables the hounds to track at their running speed of 14 km/hour. Their tracking skills are just incredible to see and they bring a whole new dimension to the war against poaching.

Unitrans Volkswagen are very proud that the investment in this project is bearing such successes in the war against poaching. Chico, Jetta and Kombi  you make us proud!


We are really proud to be the sponsors of this amazing team.

This latest success brings their anti poaching tally for 2015 to 13 poachers and 7 rifles that have been removed.
A huge thank you to the team. These little foxhounds and their handlers are Rhino heroes.

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Proud winner of the

2013 SANParks Kudu Award

Proud winner of the 2013

GRAA Rhino Conservation Award



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